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  • Touch wood: network up for more than an hour!

    Several sessions with Telstra service techs later, and an overnight “watch” was able to convince them that sure enough, my modem had been in yoyo mode. Their remote-end tests, and the ones also done on behalf of NBN infrastructure all suggested that the network side of the wall socket was “fine”, and that the problem […]

  • Oops, where did the time go? Off again in 30-ish hours

    Talk about leaving things to the last minute. Well, not entirely, the organizing and booking are all in hand (touch wood). There’s some data-wrangling still to go. The NBN seems to have chosen this moment to go into yoyo mode: we’ve had a new IPv4 address assigned at least half a dozen times in the […]

  • Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

    Made it. As expected, Iceland Air couldn’t print boarding passes for the two Qatar legs of the journey, although they could check our luggage all the way through. That’ll be why we couldn’t do the online check-in, either. Not much of a “partnership” really, IMO. We had a bit more time in Stockholm Arlanda to […]

  • Is this thing still on?

    One two. One two… Warming up the systems for another adventure. Still a little way off yet, blast-off at the end of August. Where to? A couple or five days in Reykjavik by way of re-adjusting to the northern hemisphere and being close to the main game, which is a week and a half off […]

  • Countdown clock is becoming more urgent — we’re off again soon

    Countdown clock is becoming more urgent — we’re off again soon

    Time to warm up the travel paraphernalia, such as this blog.  Make sure that the workings haven’t suffered bit-rot.  Bookings are all in order, I believe (flights, car hire and accommodation).  Should probably cross check once again.  Extra clothes and camera kit is mostly in order. We’ve done this enough times now that some of […]

  • Less than a week until blast-off again!

    This time we are headed for South America, specifically Chile and Peru. The plan is (roughly): Peruvian Amazon Lake Titikaka (3812m: beware of altitude sickness – hope the tablets work) Cusco and Machu Picchu (2430m) Atacama Desert (2407m) Santiago and Valparaíso Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island) Chiloé Patagonia That means that we need to pack […]

  • Eleven days (274 hours) to blast-off

    We’re off on another adventure!  Significant nervousness around the still large number of unknowns: I’m planning to not take a laptop this time.  Madness?  We’ve both recently bought tablets (although my Nexus-9 is still in Kowloon, according to the tracking web-site) and don’t really have enough experience with them to know if they’ll do the […]