Eleven days (274 hours) to blast-off

We’re off on another adventure!  Significant nervousness around the still large number of unknowns:

  • I’m planning to not take a laptop this time.  Madness?  We’ve both recently bought tablets (although my Nexus-9 is still in Kowloon, according to the tracking web-site) and don’t really have enough experience with them to know if they’ll do the job.  Do I need to take a hard-drive to back-up photos?  Can I even do that from a tablet?
  • Will our big jackets and boots fit into our suitcases?  The tripod?
  • Will there be enough light in the Arctic to see the scenery, let alone take tourist photos?
  • Should I take the old Garmin GPS, or install an app on one or both of our phones?  Probably just one more thing to charge overnight: six is probably enough (two camera batteries, two phones, two tablets…)  Hmm.  Maybe I should look for one of those multi-socket USB power supplies, instead of taking the usual plug-board.  Probably smaller.
  • Have we got all of the deposits paid and tickets purchased?
  • The list goes on.  Perhaps I’ll edit this along the way, as I remember more things that need to be worried-about…

Very excited, though!