Quick update from 12192m

Emirates has kindly given me 10MB of “free” WiFi, and here I am, two hours from Barcelona, I’ve decided to give it a spin. They haven’t told me how much it costs after the 10M, but a news item about a fellow with a $1600 bill (and the knowledge that this is bouncing off a satellite of some sort) suggests that brevity is key.

So: we got away mostly OK. I realised that I had left my phone charging a few mintues before boarding in Sydney, so it will be making its own way to Europe, probably joining us in France. With luck. Down to just Cath’s mobile in the mean time, and convenient WiFi, like this.

The flight was late out of Sydney, because the aeroplane had been late in from Auckland. That made us an hour late into Dubai. Since Dubai was busy, we parked on the tarmac and were bussed into the terminal, which took another half an hour or so. So we basically hoofed it straight to the departing terminal, where we made it on board (second last) just inside the 20-minute last chance time. We’ve been told that our bags made it too. We’ll soon see.