Arrived safely in Barcelona

Mercat St Josep, La Boqueria

Not much to report. Cath’s plan for getting to the apartment, involving a bus trip to the train station, and then train in to the city was fine, but it did rely on a working map to get the last two blocks right. The Garmin’s battery was flat, but with a bit of convincing apple maps on Cath’s iPhone did the job. Checked in fine. It’s a lovely apartment above a fairly busy corner. Will have to learn to love the beeping rhythm of the walk indicators on the pedestrian crossings.  We went for the traditional arrival afternoon walk, to settle the jet lag, and made it to the water front, so honor satisfied. Home with the cheese, bread and sausage that we bought at the markets.  That was dinner and now we’ve conked out, ten past seven at night. Oh well. Photos later, hopefully tomorrow.