Here are helpful category links to the posts from each of our adventures to date, in reverse – chronological order.

Chile and Antarctica – Summer (southern hemisphere) 2020.  Was a wonderful trip.  Came home with 2TB of photos, which we have had trouble wading through and posting here.  Hope to find a round-Tuit before too long.  Luckily the next trip has been postponed because of COVID, so there is still time.

Greenland – Summer (northern hemisphere) 2019. All went well, bar the trip home, which was delayed by mechanical trouble on the flight back to Iceland.  Can’t complain about an unexpected extra four days in Reykjavik!

Islands of the North Atlantic – Summer (northern hemisphere) 2018. We are off to look for puffins and polar bears, and no doubt the odd sheep across the Faroe Islands, the Lofoten Islands, Svalbard, and Iceland, with stops in Oslo, Copenhagen and the Dalmatian coast for good measure.

100 South America – Spring 2016 We have a combined-100th birthday this year, and we’re celebrating by having another adventure, somewhere we know almost nothing about: South America. We are keeping to the West coast this time, but Peru and Chile seem to have more than enough to keep us busy.

Northern Lights – Winter 2014/15 News and photos from our 2014/2015 trip to see the aurora borealis, snow and real cold, with side-orders of Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and Istanbul.

Europe 2013 Stories and photos from our long holiday around Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein) with Pam and Greg.