Author: Andrew Reilly

  • Getting ahead of the game: changed theme early

    I noticed that the security status was having a whinge about unused themes, and that turned out to be because there was a new one. Since I never really warmed to the previous one (a little to sparse, IMO), I’ve jumped right onto the new one (next years’). Seems a bit fancy, in that it […]

  • Moved

    Just a single letter difference in the URL: we’ve moved from the top-level ccTLD for the Pacific island nation of Niue, .nu to the island continent of Australia .au. The former was always a bit of a semantic stretch, and was set up at a time when it appeared that doing so was supporting internet […]

  • Back on the air..

    Broadcasting live from a new address block, in a different house with a different internet connection. Normal transmission appears to have resumed. Any discrepancies with reality are therefore probably your own problem.

  • Another upgrade, another deprecated theme

    This morning’s software maintenance upgraded WordPress. Had to poke around on Google to figure out why my site had vanished, and what to do about it. Nothing dramatic: database upgrade. Good, there everything was, in the admin panel. Nope: the old theme had been deprecated too, so I had to choose another. Might as well […]

  • Home again, safely

    Home again, safely

    This is just a quick note to say that we have made it back to Sydney safely. The task of transferring and sorting photos from the trip must now begin, and we will have to get down stories of the travel in Antarctica fairly quickly, before the memories start to fade. So there will (yet) […]

  • Last day in Torres del Paine

    Well that seems to have flown past, but I understand why. We spent a morning trying to get a replacement camera to meet us in Punta Arenas, but came to understand that it could not be done, (at least in that way). Cameras come with batteries in the box, and so cannot be shipped air-freight. […]

  • Travel days…

    The 20th was our last full day on Chiloe, and we had an easy, cultural day. Drove to Dalcahue and caught the vehicular ferry to the island of Quinchao, just across the channel. Then drove to the town of Achao, about half way along. We walked along the waterfront, which has a shiny new board-walk, […]

  • Boating to Chelin and Quehui — Unesco church and walk on the beach

    Boating to Chelin and Quehui — Unesco church and walk on the beach

    No road travel at all today! We started with a stroll down the hill to the hotel’s jetty, to board the Willichi again. All aboard, we set off in the direction of the island of Chelin, site of one of the sixteen Unesco-preserved wooden churches around Chiloe. Along the way, we passed a couple of […]

  • Punting the Chepu river and the sunken forest

    Punting the Chepu river and the sunken forest

    Today started with another fairly long drive up to the north-west corner of Chiloe, to the Chepu river.  There we met Seignor Alfonzo, our river guide and boat driver. Apparently there was a strong earthquake some time ago, and the resulting tsunami pushed 20km up the Chepu river valley, killing an area of riverside forrest. […]

  • Boating to Mechuque

    Boating to Mechuque

    Had a marvellous day, yesterday. A boat trip from Tenuan to the island archipelago of Mechuque, including some kyaking around between the islands, some zodiac sightseeing, and a walk through the main town of Mechuque. Well, Andrew did the kyaking and Cath did the zodiacing, but fun was had by all. The wind was quite […]