Oops, where did the time go? Off again in 30-ish hours

Talk about leaving things to the last minute. Well, not entirely, the organizing and booking are all in hand (touch wood). There’s some data-wrangling still to go. The NBN seems to have chosen this moment to go into yoyo mode: we’ve had a new IPv4 address assigned at least half a dozen times in the last day, after the usual long periods of stability. I was just about to write this post when everything seized up and I turned around to see the modem and router both in logged-out/no-connection mode. Sigh.

And now that I’ve fired up the blog, I find that the new “blocks” editing thing has kicked in. Sure it looks pretty, but it wasn’t what I was using for the previous posts, so there’s something else new to worry about. Hopefully that will work out fine.

So: where are we off to?

We’re going to spend another ten days slacking off in Chiloe and Patagonia, in Chile, before flying across the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

Cameras have been serviced.

I didn’t end up figuring out anything that I liked better for review and photo manipulation than my trusty Android tablet. So that’s going to get another run.

Good deal of running around to be done yet. Then an early start for an 11AM flight, on Wednesday.


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