Countdown clock is becoming more urgent — we’re off again soon

Time to warm up the travel paraphernalia, such as this blog.  Make sure that the workings haven’t suffered bit-rot.  Bookings are all in order, I believe (flights, car hire and accommodation).  Should probably cross check once again.  Extra clothes and camera kit is mostly in order.

We’ve done this enough times now that some of the process is comfortable, almost routine, so I’m freaking out that I’m going to forget something important.

I’m planning to travel just with my Pixel C Android tablet and a new version of the WD My Passport that has served us well on several previous trips.  The battery died on the old one.  When I found it a couple of weeks ago, it had expanded to the point of breaking the case: lithium batteries hate to be left without charge, apparently.  The My Passport should look after photo backups and wifi multiplexing well.  I’m a bit worried about the Pixel C though: it’s lovely, but they don’t make them any more, and I can’t think of anything that I’d care to replace it with, should the need arise.  Hope it lasts the distance.

Where are we going this time?

We liked Scandinavia so much the last time we were there that we said that we’d go back in the summer, to experience the midnight sun.  So this time we’re going in search of polar bears and puffins on a trip that will take in the Faroe Islands, Bergen, the Lofoten Islands, Svalbard and the ice-floes of the arctic, Oslo, Iceland, Copenhagen, and a Nordic-decompression along the Dalmation coast.

Also, this time we’re traveling with Andrew’s parents, Peter and Lyn, which will be great.


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