Notes for beginners:

  • Yes, it is a good idea to take a couple of extra days of leave before flying. Finishing up a work project on Friday leaves you too tired to pack on Friday night, so all of the packing is left until Saturday morning.
  • Regular file server maintenance does have risks, if following the head of the development branch. Being unlucky enough to hit the boot sector change, without having followed allong on the mailing lists (see previous point), can leave one with a file server that won’t boot, with three hours until the taxi to the airport. So Catherine did all of the packing while I reinstalled the operating system from a thumb drive image, and then restored from the backups. Luckily the backups have been working. Dogs missed their walk, but the server that runs this blog is now up again. Whew.
  • Check in at Qantas Domestic was amazingly friction-free. Plenty of kiosks for bag-tag printing. The automated bag drops worked fine. Only a couple of people in the security queue. Easy.
  • Brisbane airport hotels are well signposted, and easy to reach on foot. Dinner was very pleasant.
  • Now we’re off to the airport to start the leg to Hong Kong.


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