The flight from Brisbane to Hong Kong was a real eye-opener. Going to be tough to go back to flying steerage long haul. Flat-bed sleeper class is totally worth it.

The other advantage of splurging on the ticket class was that it got us into the Qantas lounge in Hong Kong, which was nice, for the six-plus hour lay over we had before the next leg. Hong Kong airport itself doesn’t seeem to be airconditioned though, and was hot and sticky. Good thing the Qantas lounge had nice showers available to freshen up.

The flight to Helsinki was OK. Not quite as nice an internal fit-out as the Qantas flight, but it worked just fine.

Only a couple of hours in Helsinki so we didn’t bother going to find a fancy lounge (it was in the wrong direction anyway): just bought some coffees and found the gate lounge. Through passport control: into the Schengen region, so the leg to Copenhagen was “European domestic”. Very low fuss, but very efficient.

Taxi from the airport to the hotel. A station wagon fitted the four of us and all of our luggage, which bodes well for the rental car situation, later. The hotel found a couple of early check-in rooms for a bit of extra money, so we’re feeling human again, ready to go out and see the city.


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