Car hire took a little longer than expected, because somehow I had lost the extra hour of time zone, so we actually arrived at 1:30PM, instead of the 2:30PM that it would have been had we still been in Copenhagen. The car was booked for 3PM, so we had to wait a bit…

There are two mobile phone networks here, something like Foyar and, and it seems that Telstra refuses to peer with either of them, because none of us can get a phone connection. Luckily the holiday rental that we are in (Atlantic Swan) has nicely working WiFi, as did the airport. So we can catch up with email in the evenings, and make bookings and arrangements, but we’re incommunicado while out and about. Doesn’t sound like much of a hardship. Luckily Google has enabled off-line route finding, to go along with their off-line maps. So we can navigate.

We opted for self-catering for the evening, at which point we realized that it was a jolly good thing that we had opted to come more directly to the house, rather than lazily poking around for the afternoon as planned: the shops shut at 6PM. Here it is nearly 9PM and we’ve just about started to eat dinner: it looks like late afternoon outside. This midnight sun is really going to take some getting used-to.

Off to look at bird cliffs tomorrow!


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