Pleasant wandering around Verona

Made it to Verona in one piece, although the Italian motorway tollroad is out to get me. I managed to collect a non-functioning ticket on the way in, and then flubbed the payment on the way out (first exit), losing the receipt/demand to the wind before I could grab it. So I’m probably wanted in some sense. Anyway, we told her nibs (the Garmin) to stay off toll-roads after that, and although progress was a bit slower, it wasn’t all that much slower. We still made it to our destination with a stop for lunch along the way. She is keeping very quiet – not talking to us at all. Not sure what I’ve done to provoke that, and it’s unnerving.

We had a bit of a walk around on Monday evening.

Tuesday started slowly, but by the end we managed an enormous loop around and through Verona, taking photos along the way. The highlight would have to be the Basilica S. Zeno, which was really beautiful. Plenty of other interesting/picturesque things to see too, of course.