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  • Oops, Tuscany has flown by already!

    Just a quick entry with some photos, on my way off to dinner. Since the post about Bellagio we’ve done more exploring around lake Como, but I won’t touch on that just here. Here there are a few snaps of our last day in the house at Nesso, and then a whirlwind summary of our […]

  • Weird weather in beautiful Bellagio

    Today we went to Bellagio, the town at the northern tip of the peninsula that divides the two “legs” of lake Como.  Day started absolutely freezing cold, after a lot of rain overnight.  Not actually raining particularly hard in the morning though, drizzle.  There was fresh snow on all of the mountain peaks around the […]

  • Saturday was sunny in Überlingen

    Saturday was sunny in Überlingen

    Not much of a story at this stage: we’re rushing to get out for the day, but here are some photos from Saturday, which was spent exploring the pretty Bodensee (lake Constance) town of Überlingen.  It is about an hour’s drive west of where we are staying (near Ravensburg.) The shot at the beginning is the […]

  • How to maximise the inconvenience of a puncture

    A tyre chirped a little as I was going around a round-about, on our way to the Thunersee (via Interlaken). Shouldn’t have: I wasn’t going that fast. Perhaps one of the tires was a bit low on pressure. I pulled in to the first petrol station we came to, bought a tank of petrol and […]

  • To the Ardeche via snow

    To the Ardeche via snow

    After a quiet couple of days poking around Puy-en-Valet it was time to head for the Ardeche – a different shape of countryside and different “Plus Beau Villages de France” to see. Our plan was to have a lunch-picnic at the top of a local mountain, Mont Gerbier-du-Jonc, which was on the route to our […]

  • Of mountain passes closed and food of Cantal

    Of mountain passes closed and food of Cantal

    Slight deviation from strict chronological order, tonight: I have to switch forward to yesterday, before properly catching up with the story to date… Tuesday 23rd was a good day. Our plan was simply to head to Salers (famous for it’s beef, but also a “plus beau village de France”) and look around, and have lunch […]

  • Piemonte

    So: where were we? We had just been mis-navigated into the industrial heart of Asti, and then finally made it to our lunch stop at Del Belbo Da Bardon, half an hour back up the road. This turned out to be a fantastic restaurant, and its wine cellar was as encyclopedic as had been described. […]

  • A little catch-up – Mantova to Piemonte

    It has clearly been too long between updates, and this one is not going to satisfy either, I’m afraid. We ended up not having any real internet connection after leaving Verona. The B&B in Localita Caiar had WiFi that didn’t reach anywhere that I could sit, and that happened to correspond with a network outage […]

  • Soave Castle, looking for mountain villages, Bardolino

    We made it to Soave Castle just in time for it to have closed for lunch, so we found a nice Enoteca/Cafe and had lunch ourselves. (For reference: the Drago, at the base of the castle, has some of the best pasta any of us have ever had, and they cook a very nice steak, […]

  • Views and gardens of Verona

    Today was a big day, although it can be described simply enough: After a fairly relaxed (read slow, ten-ish) start we found and climbed the stairs near our flat to the Castle San Pietro, which sits on top of the hill overlooking Verona from the North-ish. We went slowly, and stopped several times along the […]