Views and gardens of Verona

Today was a big day, although it can be described simply enough:

After a fairly relaxed (read slow, ten-ish) start we found and climbed the stairs near our flat to the Castle San Pietro, which sits on top of the hill overlooking Verona from the North-ish. We went slowly, and stopped several times along the way to enjoy the unfolding view. About half-way up there was a very nice little park with some seats and some views, so that was well used, before we gathered the energy for the final climb. Of course, it wasn’t really that far, and we scampered up and down the whole thing again this evening, without bother, but the first time we allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed. At the top of the stairs there were the ramparts of the castle, with the views, in one direction, and a very nice looking cafe/restaurant in the other. We declared an intention to return to that for a coffee or wine, later…

The views of Verona from the Castle were quite spectacular, particularly since it was a sunny, clear morning. Only light smog gave the air a bit of a shine.

Cath noticed the time at around midday, and said that since we had made a booking for lunch at one (we hoped: no reply had been received for our e-mail), we decided to leave the Giardino Giusti until after-lunch, and press on directly to find the restaurant. With the help of the Garmin, and up and down several hills, we made it to San Basilio alla Pergola, where we had a really delicious three course lunch. The chef was a lovely fellow, and he gave us a copy of the menu, and signed it to us.

After lunch we walked (slowly) to the Giadino Guisti, which we explored with gusto. Climbed up to the “belvedere” lookout, took a lot more photos, and solved the labyrinth (which was quite a tough, as promised!)

Then we walked home and collapsed. After a bit of a rest and a game of cards Cath, Pam and I ventured back out to see the sun set over Verona from the Castle San Pietro. We finished up in the aforementioned cafe for a glass of wine, and watched the last rays of the sun give way to the first lights of the town. Beautiful.