I mentioned, previously, that when we arrived in Santiago, we showered and went to bed, in anticipation of a 4AM start, for a flight at 6:30 or so. Luckily for us we woke up around 8PM, decided that we didn’t need dinner, but would see how the network was going. At that point we (re)discovered that Latam had moved our connecting flight forward by five hours, to 11:15. Yay? Went back to bed, knowing that we would be able to have a civilized breakfast in the morning.

The flight to Puerto Montt was packed, but not too bad. We had booked exit-row seats, so we had leg room, but no under-seat storage. That turned out not to be a problem either, so we arrived OK. Our ride was indeed waiting for us, but we had to wait for another coupe who were on a different flight, and another couple returning a rental car. That didn’t take too long, although the other couple from the next flight had lost their luggage somewhere between Madrid and Santiago, and it being missing for several days, needed to get to a shopping mall. The hotel kindly arranged a detour for them, via Castro, so that the rest of us could arrive at the hotel as planned.

We had a productive activity-planning session, on arrival at the hotel, and now have a properly packed schedule for the next four days.

Drinks and the most delightful canapes on the deck, surrounded by the wildflower field and views out to the water. Stayed there until the sun started to set, around 8:30, then we went in for dinner. Then back to the room to get devices plugged in and charging, photos stored on hard drives, and blog posts posted.

Even better (touch wood), the network at home seems to have been up and stable all day. Huzzah! NBNco must have fixed something in yesterday’s maintenance session. Hope it stays up.


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