Had a marvellous day, yesterday. A boat trip from Tenuan to the island archipelago of Mechuque, including some kyaking around between the islands, some zodiac sightseeing, and a walk through the main town of Mechuque. Well, Andrew did the kyaking and Cath did the zodiacing, but fun was had by all. The wind was quite ‘up’, so lunch on board the Williche was postponed until the trip back to the hotel, which turned out to be quite late: nearly 4PM. Did put a dent on appetite for dinner.

Consequently, it was a fairly late night, and I didn’t get around to penning a blog at the time, so now is catch-up. I haven’t even had much luck curating photos for the day: the back-up strategy is fine, but actually accessing them for review is even slower than I remember. And the NBN went down again, of course.

So I plan to edit this “place-holder” post once I’m more organised, and have some pictures to add.


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