Well, that didn’t last long…

I think that our NBN stayed up about ten hours, before bouncing another two times. In my personal yesterday afternoon, I’d been sent an SMS to say that NBNco were going to be doing network maintenance in my area, and that I should expect outages. So perhaps that’s OK?

Anyway, my stats show that the current address has been stable for ten hours, and I’ve got the DNS aligned again, and I can post. Yay?

On the up side, we’re in Santiago, Chile. All well. The economy+ seat upgrade was totally worth it. We had a spare seat beside us in our middle row of three, and the extra leg room made a huge difference. Also: being nearer the front meant that the airconditioning was better: nicer air and cooler. Luggage arrived in the appropriate number of pieces. Immigration and customs waved us through, despite having to declare our second cameras, because the official definition of “baggage” only includes one.

So we walked to the airport hotel, showered, and are now crashing out. I know that’s contra-indicated for jetlag minimisation, but we have an 0400 start tomorrow morning, for our connection to Puerto Mont. Weirdly, we’re checked all the way through, so we have to leave our luggage tags on our checked bags.


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