Walked into the main part of town through the gardens of the royal palace to find breakfast coffee and baked goods. Sunny day. Very pretty town, with a lovely feel to it.

I wanted to get some more SD cards and a second USB hard drive, so we walked a few blocks to an electronics store that had those.

Then down to the waterfront to catch the ferry to the Freya and Kon-Tiki museums. The museums were well done (if a little warm for our comfort) and the ferry ride very pleasant. You can get on board the Freya, and follow a path all through it, to see into most of the cabins.

Thought we’d find some fresh prawns and bread for dinner at the local fish markets, but after quite a long hot walk to the place Google said they were, it turned out not to be a fish market at all. At least not then. There was something of an ocean festival being held in the vicinity, but a helpful local told us that this wasn’t where you bought seafood anyway. Sigh.

Caught a taxi back to the apartment, then a bit further to the local Coop, where we provisioned for dinner, which worked out pretty well in the end.


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