It’s been a big day, particularly since it was two hours longer than a usual day, thanks to the change of time zone.

We had a cunning plan to have breakfast at the nice bakery 100m up the road from the apartment, after packing in the morning. Then back to collect our bags, check out, and then walk them the couple of minutes in the other direction to the closest entrance to the train station. Easy peasy. Made it to an earlier train, which got us to the airport in nice time. Faster than driving, if google is to be believed.

Cath’s iPad was recovered without bother and with only a small amount of fee. Whew!

We had to check in in person, because a mistake by our travel agent had left us with a booking without checked luggage. Had to buy that at the desk. Our four seats were all over the plane, but at least we had seats, and our luggage was coming with us. The flight was delayed about 40 minutes in the end, and boarding was a schemozzle: the air bridge hadn’t been booked or something, so we had to board across the tarmac, in the rain.

Our hire car is from a company that isn’t located in the terminal building (none of those could offer us a sufficiently large station wagon or 4WD), and to get there we had to board a shuttle bus. Squeezy but we made it.

First stop was a supermarket for provisions.

Second stop was supposed to be a picnic by a waterfall along the way to our apartment, but for reasons that I haven’t yet figured out, google maps didn’t seem to get us to that spot: we just kept driving. Which was OK in the end: it was a long drive, and we didn’t get to the apartment until just before 9PM.

You travel to see different things. Iceland is different. All sorts of different. This should be a fun part of the holiday.


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