(from 24th August)

Up early, to pack. Breakfast. Farewells to the crew.

Carted the luggage down the dock to be ferried up to the Wildphoto gallery for storage while we went into town in search of real coffee and perhaps a cinamon bun. The flight wasn’t until 13:25, and we had arranged to get the group that was on that flight into a taxi-van at 11:45 or so. So we had time.

Mum and Dad particularly wanted to see the seed vault. Through their work with the botanical gardens on the Gold Coast, they had sent specimins there for keeping. It was more-or-less on the way to the airport, and the taxi driver didn’t mind the detour. In fact he went into a bit of a tour-guide mode, telling stories about the building, and the scientists who made it, and the repair work that is currently undeway as a result of the permafrost melting and some resulting flooding. The repair works prevented us from getting very close to it, but we could see the entrance from a couple of vantage points, and some photos were taken, so all were happy.

Got to the airport on time. Flight to Oslo was uneventful. Cath left her iPad on the plane, so we found the lost-and-found desk and put in a report. Train from the airport was fast and convenient. The flat was pretty nice, but like many was sadly lacking some important items for self-catering, for a fully-furnished place. At least the washing machine worked. Dinner out: Indian. Very good.

Almost too tired to sleep. Big day.


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