Arrived Svolvær, Svinøya Rorbuer

There was a little bit of frought around the flights today: the fact that our booking on WF612 from Bergen to Bodø had been rescheduled from 8:35 to 10:30 and re-named the WF614, since we made it, meant that we couldn’t check-in on-line, and had to go to the counter. Also, it turns out that Bodø airport isn’t as small as we had assumed, and we had to actually put on some pace to make it from the arrival gate of WF614 to the departure gate for WF830 in the five or so minutes we had to do that. Of course we really just had to race our luggage, which was checked through. The smaller Dash8/100 for the second leg was interesting too: the large Yeti eski/wet-bag that I’ve been carrying as carry-on full of lenses, tripods and cameras did not fit into the tiny overhead bins, but luckily it did fit under the seat in front. Just. My smaller bag, with camera and cables and what-not went overhead instead of its usual spot under the seat. So phew! Seemed for a while that dad’s carry-on roller wouldn’t fit overhead either, but a bit of wrangling sorted it. The couple over the aisle from us had full-size hard-case spinner wheel carry-ons, and they were allowed to poke them under the seat in front and then put their feet up on the half that didn’t fit under there.

The nice story of the day was that the nice man, Sean, at the Avis counter sorted out my booking mistake (I had booked the car from tomorrow) and drove us all and our luggage to the apartment and then to his Avis counter in town to do it, saving us the cost and bother of a taxi. Even better luck, they actually had the car available the day earlier, more or less. Just needed to wait for it to be cleaned, as it had only just come back.

So, after a lovely lunch of Baccala and a beer, we got into the apartment with enough time to drive to the grocery shops for provisions for a couple of days: apparently there isn’t much open on Sundays, here. Nice quiet evening in our little neo-fishing hut apartment, reading and catching up on news, and photos. Off for more exploring tomorrow.


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