Made it to Bergen as expected, yesterday. Quite late in the evening, so we just had dinner at the hotel restaurant, watched a bit of TV and went to bed.

This morning we had hotel breakfast, which had lots of everything except for the two actually essential things: good coffee and a croissant. The mackeral, salmon and sardines were nice though. Then we caught the metro into town. Not a quick trip (about 45 minutes), but easy and inexpensive, and good opportunity to look at the surrounds.

It seemed that there was some sort of wooden, steam-powered boat festival going on in Bergen harbour, which involved some coal-smoke smell, quite a bit of old boat horn tooting, and some lovely old boats. Stopped for post-breakfast coffee, and had a look around the old bent wooden buildings of the area to the east of the harbour. Straightness clearly something gone missing over the years.

We all had lunch of king crab claws and extra bits and pieces at one of the eateries at the harbour fish markets. Delicious. Expensive. Still, delicious.

Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the city, which is really lovely. Water, pleasant city and surrounding mountains: what’s not to like?

Early-ish start tomorrow, as we make our way on a two-hop flight to Svolvær, on the Lofoten Islands, still in Norway.


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