A walk west, to the Grótta Island Lighthouse

Sticking to the plan of spending our time in Reykjavik gently, with intense slacking-off punctuated by the gentle exercise of strolling, I didn’t get out for a walk, yesterday until about four. Good work! Emerging into the still bright light, the wind was brisk and a little cold, from the North. Whitecaps in the harbour. I headed inland at first, taking a route a block or two back from the water. The first Monday in September must be house maintenance day here: I passed many houses having things done to them: painting, window sealing, gutter fixing. Making ready for the coming winter, while the sun is shining.

The lighthouse turned out to actually be on an island, attached to the mainland by just a groin. Luckily the tide was out, as access was via the beach. Not a whole lot to see there: non-descript lighthouse and a couple of holiday (?) houses, and a launching slip and jetty on the protected side. Took a few photos and headed home (i.e., our hotel room). Delicious ramen and gyoza from the place next door for dinner.

Very low-effort day. Mission accomplished.


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