Rolled-up catch-up of Copenhagen, before we go…

I’m afraid that Copenhagen is going to get short-shrift here: I just don’t seem to have found the time in the evenings to write. Hopefully these notes will help me to remember what my photos mean, when I get to look at them, and I’ll flesh this out as I find time.

On our first full day, we walked a circuit around the main part of the town, taking in many of the landmarks: town hall with its square, the octagonal building that was built to house Tycho Brae’s observatory. Lunch was an impromptu affair in an outdoor cafe on a square near what I assume was the law courts. Not great, but blood sugar levels were dropping. By the time we reached the palace and the option of a canal boat ride, it was drizling a bit, enthusiasm levels were dropping, so we headed home. Stopping only for a restorative coffee at the state library, which is in quite a striking black “diamond” builiding, down by the water.

Our second full day involved catching the train from central station out to Hillerød, to visit Frederiksborg Castle and gardens. Didn’t go into the castle itself, which is maintained by the state as a museum of some sort. The gardens, in baroque style, were extensive and of appropriate high-maintenance appearance.

The next day Cath and I explored the meat-packing district, which has become somewhat hip, and home to some good restaurants. We had a nice long lunch at one of them. More wandering around the town.

Today we all caught the metro out to see the botanical gardens, which have a quite extensive butterfly collection and palms and other tropical plants, all in a large glass, temperature and humidity-controlled building. After enough botany, we walked down the road a little and had a lovely lunch of the best smorrebrod we’ve encountered. A fitting goodbye to Copenhagen. After lunch we explored Christiania Free Town, and walked along the lake’s edge for a while.

Tomorrow it’s an early start and all-day travel to get us to Dubrovnik by nightfall. Wrangled the on-line check-in, eventually. Hope that the new Taxi app will succeed in getting a taxi to us at the right time.


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