There aren’t any photos today because I don’t think that I took any. It’s been an odd sort of travel day.

Alarms went off in Reykjavik this morning at 05:00, and we were on the road a bit later than our planned 05:30, but not by too much, and yet that was only just enough time to get to Keflavik, refill the car at an automated petrol station, drop everyone else and the luggage at the airport, so that they could wrangle our baggage check-in (tickets incorrecctly booked for zero checked bags: stress), while I dropped the car back to the rental agency and then walked back to the airport (not far, but raining.) Learned the lesson that they won’t print boarding passes for people (me) who aren’t there at the bag drop, so we went through the various security hurdles with the QR codes and bar-codes that they had previously sent us, on our phones. The security boarding pass readers are now near-field-communications enabled, for some reason, so Dad’s phone kept switching from bar code to credit card payment at the wrong moment. Required official assistance, but we got there, with about ten minutes to spare. Boarding began a bit earlier than expected.

Copenhagen airport is still one of the good ones, for arriving, and we helped ourselves to a lunch of luggage-carousel hot dogs while we were there. Taxi to the apartment. I suppose that this warehouse conversion must be one of those AirBnB-style ones where the ownner/actual occupant has gone somewhere and let the place while they’re away. It’s as though they just tidied up and went to the supermarket. Lovely place, but clearly lived-in. Eccentric decor. All of their stuff is here. Food. Opened bottles of wine in the cupboard. New experience for us.

We lost two hours through travelling east, but we are still all worn out. Did a walk around the neighbourhood, to the supermarket for provisions, and we’ve all been pretty immobile since then. Going out and sight-seeing can wait until tomorrow.


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