Korčula old town and bush-fires

The morning of the 25th was clear but still quite windy, and a little cool with it. When I first looked out, I could see smoke rising from the hills across the channel, which the maps suggest was probably near the town of Orebić. By mid morning it was clear that there were forrest fires ablaze, and by lunch time there was a huge pall of smoke blowing across the water to the west of us, like an apocolyptic back-drop. The wind was mostly keeping it away from us, but by late afternoon the wind turned a bit, and we felt some ash fall on us.

Then three fire-bombing aeroplanes arrived, and proceeded to spend the next several hours alternately circling, picking up water from the channel, and then dropping it on the fires. We had a good view from our balcony, so got out the telephoto lenses and watched and took photos. Later on, we decided on another round of Japanese take-away, and Cath took the opportunity to re-position right near the point, even closer to the planes than we had been at the apartment. She got some great photos.

Dad had the good idea, in the morning, that rather than repeating the ferry-waiting exercise, we should hire a car, and go and see something of the island of Korčula. Bit of internet activity later and that was teed-up, for tomorrow’s adventure.


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