Another day in Dubrovnik and a ferry trip

On the 23rd, Cath and I were up and moving early enough to get to the ticket sellers entrance to the wall walk (southern gate) just after they opened, at 8AM. The idea being to avoid heavy queuing, heavy crowds and as much heat as possible. We weren’t the first, but the plan was broadly successful. By the time we reached the northern gate the heat and crowds were building, but by then we’d done most of the heavier stair climbing, and had the best of the sun-behind-us photo opportunities. The views of both the old town and the surrounding cliffs and bays is excellent from the walls, and the stair climbing is nothing much. Not like a bell tower, for example.

On the last leg of the wall walk, back to the harbour, we spotted mum and dad, who had found a cool and shady spot around towards the lighthouse point to sit and take in the passing parade. We joined them, and made plans for lunch. It was a bit early, and our preferred restaurant hadn’t opened yet, so we went a bit further to one that was open, and had a round of cool drinks. Then back to the nice Italian place that we’d eaten at the previous evening, for lunch. Back to the apartment for another siesta, and then back into town at evening for a meal and a last walk around.

The next morning (24th) was check-out and ferry ride to Korcula, but those were separated by about five hours, during which time we had our luggage with us. We taxied to the ferry terminal, and spotted a cafe terrase over the road that looked like a decent place to sit. They had WiFi and cool drinks, and later they had lunch and then some more drinks. And then it was time to go over the road and board the ferry.

Of course as we were leaving the cafe, the wind picked up and the skies darkened for the long-expected Monday rain, which started to fall (heavily) right as we were boarding.

The big, wave-piercing cats were smooth and noisy despite the wild weather outside, although one of the intermediate stops was cancelled because it was too dangerous to dock. Not sure what those passengers did that night. We got to Korcula OK, if late-ish. Went straight out into the old town to look for dinner, but it was looking a bit grim: the weather had closed most of the outdoor seating, and the indoor places were already spoken for. As we thought we had run out of options, we came across a still-working Japanese-influenced restaurant that did take-aways. Ordered what turned out to be a delicious meal from it’s Australian hosts, and ate it back at the apartment, on the verandah. Big day.


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