Only one week to go to blast-off!

Very excited, but at the same time concerned that we either won’t remember all of the things that need to be sorted-out before we go, or that we will think of something that can’t be squeezed into the available time.  Aargh!  At least I seem to have the news-blog up and running now.  Random tweakage to that ought to be possible from the road.

I need to go and see if I can update the maps in the Garmin.  It whinged at me the other day that it was out of date.  Good thing it’s paying attention…


3 responses to “Only one week to go to blast-off!”

  1. Have a wonderful time. We’ll be thinking of you and following your itinerary.

  2. Thanks! Nice to know that commenting works! I get an e-mail with instructions on how to approve it (or not). Since I’m not publishing the URL to all and sundry (search engines have been asked to ignore it), I would hope that we don’t get much spam. We’ll see. If we do, I might have to turn comments off, which would be a shame.

  3. Hi!!! Sooooooo happy that you have this site so I can keep track of you on your very enviable grand adventure!!! WISHING I were coming along!!!! xxx