Nope, didn’t like those

I didn’t really warm to either 2022 or 2023 themes, and didn’t have enough time to figure out how to personalize them to make them any nicer.

Just upgraded to the 2024 theme, and while it threw me by having a bunch of front-page sections that I didn’t want, those were easy enough to delete, and the rest of the layout looks OK.

Well, it looks OK once you get into the pages of the blog itself. That front column of titles might need some work, but I expect that that can be done… At least the fonts are nice.

True to description: the latest version of the Gutenberg editor is significantly snappy and quite nice to use.

Hmm. The last five posts straddle nearly four years and relate entirely to maintenance and updates of the blog mechanics. Sad. Really need to go somewhere for a while and take some photos! Or at least finish posting photos and logs from the last couple of trips!


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