Went out for coffee around eight. The recommended coffee shop was indeed excellent, and what’s perhaps even better, located so that I had to find my way through the fresh food market stalls to reach him. The whole eastern side of old Split is given over to ancient stone-tables of market stalls, and every one of them seemed to have one person’s produce available: most had similar sorts of things, although some more specialised than others. Very colourful. Very odd. Took coffee and some local pastries back to the apartment for breakfast.

By the time we went out again, the sun was quite high, the crowds had built, the shadows a bit stark against the polished white stone of the streets. Getting hot. We had a bit of a wander around, and then caught up with mum and dad in a rooftop bar between the city wall and the docks. They had found a table in the shade, and it was a great place to watch the comings and goings of the town and the boats.

After a while we decided we would see what their lunch was like, down at the other end of the roof. Again managed to get a table in the shade, and the food turned out to be excellent (despite the poor reviews online). Long slow lunch makes for a great day.

Back to the apartment to siesta through the heat of the afternoon, after a quick sortie towards the beach to choose a restaurant for the evening, and reserve a table.

Late in the afternoon we readied ourselves for dinner, and then had a nice sunset walk along the beach (Bačvice), from headland to headland and back, arriving just in time. Another great meal, accompanied towards the end by a musical duo, playing guitar and alto saxophone. Three minutes’ walk back to the apartment.


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