A loop around southern parks

We had such a late start, yesterday, that we decided to have our lunch at the apartment before heading out.

Of the four planned stops, the first was the Raaufarholshellir Lava Tunnels. It’s a commercial enterprise, so costs to go in. We’ve seen lava tunnels, so decided to give these a miss.

Second spot was Reykjanesfolkvangur, a nature reserve. That was an interesting alpine drive through some different terrain, but it turned out that there’s not really a “there” there. Just park to drive through. Unsealed road, but in good nick. Very wild-feeling.

Third spot was a lake: Kleifvatn, which we stopped at several times along its western edge. Some quite spectacular views, from some vantage points. Not on our list, we came across another boiling mud field just south of the lake, and stopped for a look. That would have been Krysuvik.

Fourth stop of the afternoon was Strandarkirkja, a church built on a wild shore (not unlike the one here at Eyrabakki) by some sailors who had prayed to survive a particualrly nasty storm off shore, which they obviously did.

Lovely peaceful day of touring.

On a technical note: Google isn’t recording my location on my time-line any more, even though I’m using Google Maps (on Cath’s phone) logged in as me. Must be an Android thing? Anyway, that’s a bit of a disappointment: I was partly relying on the timeline to remind me where we’ve been. I’ll have to be more diligent with this blog…


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