The end of the road: Å (pronounced “awe”)

Slow start, this morning, as our lovely Rorbu in Balstad was just too comfortable to leave, but leave we did, and headed back to the shops at Leknes for a few more provisions and a little cash money to give to the curator of the museum at Sennesvik that we had been unable to pay by credit yesterday. Leknes also provided us with a very decent round of coffees at the local bakery, and some cinamon-knot bread things to snack on.

Then we were off, this time breaking the driving up into many smaller pieces, interspersed with photograph sight-seeing. Very easy, comfortable pace. We stopped at a nice picnic ground at Skagsanden beach, with tables and public toilets, and about a dozen camper vans and other travellers, but it was a large spot with many picnic tables and a grand view of the bay and the beach, so a good choice. Lunch was the usual and very fine.

After lunch we pushed on down the islands, past Hamnøy where we would be spending the night, and as far as the road (Kong Olafs Veg, E10) goes, to Å (that should have a little circle over it, but I can’t get the extra letters at the moment, and I’m typing this without internet, sitting down by the water on a rock as the tide comes in. Perhaps I’ll remember to fix it before I publish this.) Big carpark, befitting the end of the road, and a little walk into the fishing village itself. Ridiculously picturesque. Walked out to the end of the groin that forms the harbour, and the view back to the village was even nicer, except by then the sun had come out and the sky was fully blue, and the sun was low over the mountains behind the vilage, so photography suffered much lens flare. After enough looking around, we made our way to the local restaurant/bar, where mum and dad had ice creams, and we had a round of drinks in the warm clear sun on the deck.

On the way back to Hamnøy, we stopped at a couple of viewing pull-outs to snap the scenery, and hopefully got the definitive picture-postcard view back to Reine in the afternoon golden hour (many hours, here).

Our Rorbu here seems comfortable enough. Had dinner, and proceeded to sit about, relaxing after a busy day…

The tide has just completed covering the rock directly in front of me, as it comes in. I wonder how much further it will get. It’s very still in the evening (it’s 9:30PM local time) and the light is soft and the wind a mere zepher. Sky has clouded up and has a few patches of mackeral, so I hope it won’t be too windy for tomorrow’s boat trip to see the maelstrom.


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