Yesterday was as close to a lay day as we’ve had so far. Mostly poking around the local gear shops, worrying if we have the right jackets and trousers. Met some of the folk at the Wildphoto gallery and confirmed departure plans. Met the other couple on our expedition who are staying at our hotel. They’re nice.

Cath and I had a bit of a walk up the eastern hill, to look up the glacier valley. Got a few photos.

Dinner at the Huten bistro fell through when they didn’t respond to our booking request before we had made alternate plans at the hotel. Early to bed.

Cath and I got up for a midnight walk, to see the fabled sun for ourselves. Walked over to the church on the western hill, then up and around the corner near the big grey mining building. Saw the Origo, our little ship, at dock as another was arriving. I had taken the telephoto, so hopefully some will be interesting. I’ll add one today (14th) if I have time. Haven’t looked at them yet.

Saw an Arctic Fox on the patch of tundra beside the hotel on the way to breakfast. Phone was the only camera I had, so it’ll count as evidence, but not for display.

Due to board by four this afternoon, after which there will be no phone or internet until our return on the 24th. The boat has a couple of satellite phones for emergencies, but the plan is not to use them.

I’ll try to keep up the blog entries off-line. If that works there will be something of a flurry around the 24th. If not, there will be backlog and catch up later.

The mist/low cloud is back, down to 100m or so. Lucky we went out last night.


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