Got to Tromsø OK. Car hired OK. Found apartment OK. Took quite a while to work the digital locks to get in, in the rain. Part of the problem was poor instructions had us trying the wrong door. Weird loft bedrooms with beds wedged into the slope of the roof, cramping the wall-side sleeper.

Everyone was hungry, so we went looking for dinner. Parking near town was a bit trying. After a near miss at a rated seafood place (the table for four had been split by the time we got there). Wound up with decent pub meals at a nice bar in a converted warehouse.

Walked along the waterfront and back through town. Many shiny new apartments and hotels where the old coloured warehouses used to be. Rock concert in the middle of old town, so the lanes were gated off, sigh. Headed home to bed.

Freaked myself out horribly when I tried to check in for today’s flight to Svalbard: it wasn’t there on SAS’s list of our flights! Panicked hunting through documents. Eventually realised that this most important flight has been booked separately, with the long haul legs, and so was under a different booking reference. Whew.

Early up and pack, so that we could visit the Arctic Botanical gardens here. Damp morning walking around them: very nice and nicely done. Lots of work there.

Returned the car, checked in. Sitting in the coffee lounge, caffeinating.


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