Gjogv and Funningur: big quiet day of sightseeing

Simple plan today. Late start, easy drive to Gjogv, right up at the northern end of Eysturoy, the island north and east of the one we’re staying on. Stop in at Eiði for a look on the way, and Funningur on the way back. Lunch at the cafe at Gjogv, because, being “touristy” by Faroe standards, there is one. Luckily for us, that’s pretty much how it worked out! Eiði did offer a view of the stacks off the end of Stremoy, and that was lovely. Gjogv was indeed cute and well protected by the surrounding hills, and posessed of a lovely little gorge that was used for boat launching purposes. The cafe in the guest house provided a lovely nordic mixed plate and a beer each. We wandered around the town, took some photos and hurried back to the car when the rain started to be actually wet. Then we drove home via Funningur, further south on the east coast of Eysturoy. Similarly picturesque. More pictures. Not complicated, but very pleasant.

Chasm at Gjogv, with twelve-oar boat


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