(written on 14th August)

The plan is to steam hard north for a day or so, to make it to the pack ice. Yay! Last night we steamed up the west coast while we slept, inside the protection of Prins Karls Forland: nice and calm and quite flat.

We woke to sirens at about three, but on reflection concluded that these were the engine warnings that we had been warned about, and went back to sleep. Happened three times.

Woke again at about half past six, and I thought that we should head to breakfast, until Cath reminded me that breakfast is at eight. Then she looked out the window and decided that we were getting up anyway, because the scenery was fantastic. Great mountains and glaciers on all sides. Took photos until breakfast, by which time we had turned left a bit and headed out to sea. Land has now just about disappeared behind us, and all are below in the saloon fiddling with gear or looking at photos. Or writing. There’s a bit of a swell and some rolling now that we’re at sea properly. Might stop staring at this screen and go and look at a horizon for a bit.


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