The celebrations of St Olaf

Cath and I went back into town around 10:30PM on the 29th, to soak up the atmosphere, and perhaps a little beer. Even at that time, parking was near impossible to find, and I had to back out of what turned out to be unnavigable one-lane alleys on more than one occasion. At last we tried a shopping center carpark and were lucky to encounter a young family leaving, so we waited and snagged their park. Headed down to the dock and bought a box of fish and chips, which was good. Sitting on the steps of the church, eating, were many Faeroese, still wearing their national dress from the morning’s parade and dedication. We followed them back up to the open space in front of the new (white) parliament building and stood in front of the Panama Cafe, as we had that morning. The crowd continued to build until there was standing room only, and then at around midnight, everyone sang. How could you not love a country where the whole population turns out in the central square to celebrate their national day in such a happy way?


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  1. Fantastic 🙂

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