Mykines trip to puffins cancelled! Investigated Nólsoy instead. Sometimes it has puffins.

Not today though. Fog/drizzle/weather visibility about twenty metres most of the day, so might have passed a few and wouldn’t have noticed. Did, however, have a fantastic late lunch of cod and potatoes at a cafe on Nólsoy. Real find. Wasn’t much point taking the car on the ferry: more trouble on the island than real benefit. Useful storage space. Photos to follow when I’ve sorted them.

The cod and potato for lunch. A slice of lemon on top, lots of delicious onion. Slightly soupy. Served with fresh damper bread and sour cream. Baked in tied baking paper on a closed BBQ that was outside the front door. Yum!
Parliament buildings. Off the starboard quarter as we left Torshavn.


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