Arrived Safely in Lima

Getting to the airport in Sydney as early as we did turned out not to be too helpful, although it probably did help a little with the Sydney traffic.  The check in counters for our flight didn’t open until 08:00 anyway.  Well, they did open a few minutes early, and at least we were close to the head of the queue.  So if there was border-force inspired chaos, we didn’t see it.  Our flight was away more or less on time, and so were our connections in Aukland and Santiago.  Apparently we arrived here in Lima about twenty minutes early.  I was a bit confused about the time in Santiago: my phone lied to me about which hour it was.Anyway, just a quick note to say that we’re here, and checked into the hotel, and bathed.  Human-ish again.  Off to see what the hotel dinner is like.