More Abisko adventures

View down to Abisko village from the first of our hike lookout spots.
View down to Abisko village from the first of our hike lookout spots.

Yesterday we went on a guided snow shoe hike that took up almost all of the daylight hours (about four: ten to a bit after two.) Easier going and more enjoyable than either of us expected, although I learned that puffing and panting when going up hill leads to fogging and then icing of glasses. Taking things easy is mandatory!

After dinner I was offered a seat on the chair lift up to the “sky station”, after one of a nice English couple that we had meet decided that she really didn’t want to do it. So Nick and I rugged up and went up to try for some more auroras photos while Cath and Sue relaxed in the lounge. Very interesting experience, although unfortunately no aurora activity to speak of. Very very cold on the way back down the mountain at about 11:30, as the wind had picked up and was face-on. Heard someone say it was minus 25. I have no way to know, but it could have been: much colder than the dog sled night.

Plan is to do another, night time snow shoe hike this evening, for a last chance at Abisko auroras before we check out and try to get to Tromso tomorrow.


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  1. Just read your last few posts. So pleased you have seen the aurora, been on a dog sled – and all the rest.
    Your pics of Amsterdam bring back good memories and all your others are great.
    Do you still get email?