Andrew and Cath’s Adventure in the Frozen North

The count-down is definitely in its final stages.  This time we’re off to the North.  No, not Queensland: the Arctic.  The idea started as a way to dodge the hot Australian summer, by having a “white Christmas”, but has had a serious dose of mission-creep.  Now the plan is to have Christmas at Kirknes, right in the North of Norway, near the Russian border.  We’ll acclimatise by starting in Barcelona, and traveling North in easy stages, through Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Abisko, Lyngen, Tromso, then by sea to Kirkness, and back to Trondheim.  From there we’ll see in the new year in Brussels, before finishing in Istanbul.

As with the last great adventure, I hope to keep a record of the trip here.  We will see how well that goes…

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  1. EXCITING!! I’m half way through a book called “On the road… with kids” about an Australian couple who bought an old campervan in Holland and drove to the Arctic circle to Lapland to ‘visit Santa’ and then back down and along to Dubrovnik. Not my normal reading fodder, but it’s quite humorous and about interesting places.

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