Tales and photos from distant realms

  • Piemonte

    So: where were we? We had just been mis-navigated into the industrial heart of Asti, and then finally made it to our lunch stop at Del Belbo Da Bardon, half an hour back up the road. This turned out to be a fantastic restaurant, and its wine cellar was as encyclopedic as had been described. […]

  • A little catch-up – Mantova to Piemonte

    It has clearly been too long between updates, and this one is not going to satisfy either, I’m afraid. We ended up not having any real internet connection after leaving Verona. The B&B in Localita Caiar had WiFi that didn’t reach anywhere that I could sit, and that happened to correspond with a network outage […]

  • Soave Castle, looking for mountain villages, Bardolino

    We made it to Soave Castle just in time for it to have closed for lunch, so we found a nice Enoteca/Cafe and had lunch ourselves. (For reference: the Drago, at the base of the castle, has some of the best pasta any of us have ever had, and they cook a very nice steak, […]

  • Views and gardens of Verona

    Today was a big day, although it can be described simply enough: After a fairly relaxed (read slow, ten-ish) start we found and climbed the stairs near our flat to the Castle San Pietro, which sits on top of the hill overlooking Verona from the North-ish. We went slowly, and stopped several times along the […]

  • Pleasant wandering around Verona

    Made it to Verona in one piece, although the Italian motorway tollroad is out to get me. I managed to collect a non-functioning ticket on the way in, and then flubbed the payment on the way out (first exit), losing the receipt/demand to the wind before I could grab it. So I’m probably wanted in […]

  • Aqua Alta

    Well, the tide came in last night. Not into our apartment, but it missed by less than a centimetre. Shop assistants and restauranteurs had been telling us that last night would be a king tide of some surprising level all day, so Cath and I decided to head out to St Marks square (one of […]

  • Quiet for a moment – a chance to catch up

    We’re back at the apartment and it’s only 3:30-ish.  Greg came down with quite a debilitating cold yesterday: he soldiered on for a while but was dreadful last night and has spent the day today in bed.  Cath, Pam and I stuck to the plan and bought Vaparetto tickets and hopped on one to Burano, […]

  • Too tired to blog

    I had grand plans to catch up on the last couple of days of progress, this evening. Not going to make it, though. Maybe tomorrow. Suffice to say that much exploration has happened, not all of it according to plan. Navigation made more interesting by the fact that the Garmin took a couple of days […]

  • Only one week to go to blast-off!

    Very excited, but at the same time concerned that we either won’t remember all of the things that need to be sorted-out before we go, or that we will think of something that can’t be squeezed into the available time.  Aargh!  At least I seem to have the news-blog up and running now.  Random tweakage […]