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  • Yesterday: Streymoy, Tjørnuvik to Kirkjubøur

    Started with a visit to Saksun and hike to the ocean inlet. Picnic lunch at Saksun, then drive the east coast to Tjørnuvik. Then back to the apartment for a nap. Headed south then to see the mediaeval church and cathedral at Kirkjubøur before the planned five course home-cooked dinner nearby. Big day. Got home […]

  • A good day

  • On the Faroe Islands OK

    Car hire took a little longer than expected, because somehow I had lost the extra hour of time zone, so we actually arrived at 1:30PM, instead of the 2:30PM that it would have been had we still been in Copenhagen. The car was booked for 3PM, so we had to wait a bit… There are […]

  • Made it to Copenhagen

    The flight from Brisbane to Hong Kong was a real eye-opener. Going to be tough to go back to flying steerage long haul. Flat-bed sleeper class is totally worth it. The other advantage of splurging on the ticket class was that it got us into the Qantas lounge in Hong Kong, which was nice, for […]

  • On the move, in Brisbane

    Notes for beginners: Yes, it is a good idea to take a couple of extra days of leave before flying. Finishing up a work project on Friday leaves you too tired to pack on Friday night, so all of the packing is left until Saturday morning. Regular file server maintenance does have risks, if following […]

  • Countdown clock is becoming more urgent — we’re off again soon

    Countdown clock is becoming more urgent — we’re off again soon

    Time to warm up the travel paraphernalia, such as this blog.  Make sure that the workings haven’t suffered bit-rot.  Bookings are all in order, I believe (flights, car hire and accommodation).  Should probably cross check once again.  Extra clothes and camera kit is mostly in order. We’ve done this enough times now that some of […]